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MSNBC Contributor to Connecticut Governor: ‘Bring the Crazy Down’ Over Anti-LGBT Law Opposition (Video)

”When you’re a bigot, you’re a bigot,“ Governor Dan Malloy shoots back at former RNC Chairman Michael Steele

An MSNBC segment Tuesday night became heated when former RNC Chairman Michael Steele told Connecticut Governor to “bring down the crazy” over his opposition to the anti-LGBT Indiana law.

“I cannot disagree with the Governor more—he just needs to bring the crazy down a little bit on this,” Steele said to Governor Dan Malloy on “Hardball” with Chris Matthews.

Malloy soon interrupted him, saying, “when you walk like a duck and you quack like a duck, you’re a duck.” He added a shot at Indiana Governor Mike Pence: “When you’re a bigot you’re a bigot.”

Steele said everyone should see what changes Pence will make to the law, as he said he would Tuesday.

“I think Mr. Steele is too good a person to be an apologist for this legislation,” Malloy said to Steele. The MSNBC contributor shot back the law can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, and that there’s nothing in the Indiana law that discriminates.

The Indiana law signed by Mike Pence last week has been the subject of a media and cultural firestorm, with TV news and social media erupting against what the majority deem as a discriminatory law that would give Indiana businesses license to reject LGBT customers.

Pence has vowed to implement new language into the law this week that outlaws discrimination against LGBT people.

Watch the video below.

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