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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Joe Scarborough Battle Over Donald Trump on ‘Morning Joe,’ Twitter (Updated)

”Try to reserve all your inaccurate descriptions of what I said to when I’m actually still on your set to correct you,“ O’Donnell tweets after morning show appearance

Updated, 6:36 a.m. PT

“Morning Joe” came back from a commercial break to reveal Donald Trump called into the show to propose a challenge to O’Donnell: if it comes out he’s lying about his “Apprentice” salary, he would give up one year’s worth of his salary.

But if he is proven to be telling the truth, O’Donnell has to give up his annual salary.

MSNBC did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on whether O’Donnell will take Trump up on the bet.


MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell went off on colleague Joe Scarborough on “Morning Joe” and Twitter Thursday over what he perceived as Scarborough buying into Donald Trump’s lies.

O’Donnell, who hosts “The Last Word” at 10 p.m. ET, argued Trump lied Wednesday in his financial disclosures, particularly regarding the amount of money he earned from NBC’s “The Apprentice” over the years.

“It’s a lie, Joe. It’s a complete, total lie Joe,” O’Donnell said to Scarborough after the “Morning Joe” host brought up how much money Trump made from the NBC reality show.

O’Donnell claimed Trump has been one of the lowest-paid people to have an hour-long show on TV.

“You are so out of bounds,” Scarborough said mocking O’Donnell, as the two began to talk over each other. The debate went from amusing to tense quickly, as the two shouted over each other.

“He’s a liar, Joe. He’s lying to you, and you’re falling for it because you don’t understand how much money people make in TV,” O’Donnell said, drawing Scarborough to call him condescending.

After O’Donnell’s segment was over, Scarborough mocked him without him there to respond. This didn’t go over well with the primetime host, who took to Twitter.