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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Slams Trump: He ‘Doesn’t Have Any Principles’ (Video)

”There is something about that that’s really, really unsettling,“ Hayes tells Stephen Colbert

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ripped Donald Trump on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Monday night, saying the president is “not particularly well-informed and doesn’t have any principles.”

The “All In” host was asked if he is annoyed that Trump hates CNN more than MSNBC despite Hayes’ network having a reputation for being the more liberal cable news network.

“He crap talks them all the time,” Colbert said of CNN.

Hayes fired back, “It’s the classic neg. He’s negging us… by not mentioning us.”

Colbert then pivoted to discuss how many times Trump has flip-flopped in recent days; Hayes offered an explanation why the president keeps changing his mind.

“The thing about the president is that he is not particularly well-informed and doesn’t have any principles,” Hayes said.

Colbert responded, “What he does have… the most beautiful chocolate cake you’ve ever seen,” a jab at the president mocking a recent interview in which he bragged about the piece of cake served to the Chinese president during his trip to Trump’s South Florida resort.

Hayes went on to say that Trump is “easily manipulated” — and that the last person in the room can influence his decisions.

“There is something about that that’s really, really unsettling,” Hayes said.

Check out the video above.