Why ‘Morning Joe’ Thinks Trump Should Keep Watching Fox News (Video)

Joe Scarborough says “it’s in America’s best interests and the best interests of the word” that POTUS doesn’t watch his show

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough thinks Americans are better off if Donald Trump keeps watching Fox News — really.

“Would we rather have people deliver Donald Trump a dossier of bad news every day? We know that never ends well,” explained Scarborough on Wednesday’s episode. “As we’ve said before, we think it’s in America’s best interests and the best interests of the word that Donald Trump doesn’t watch ‘Morning Joe’ every morning, because it makes him so angry.”

He continued: “If watching ‘Fox & Friends’ and reading happy stories, and seeing pictures where he looks powerful keeps Donald Trump from going on the warpath maybe that’s what the doctor ordered.”

Scarborough was referring to a recent Vice News report that Trump receives folders filled with positive news about himself twice a day.

“The folders are filled with screenshots of positive cable news chyrons… sometimes just pictures of Trump on TV looking powerful,” Vice reported.

Guest Mike Barnicle mocked Trump, pretending to hand Scarborough a stack of papers that included positive stories about “Morning Joe” and photos in which his hair looks nice.

“I don’t understand how you have an accurate view of the world if everything that is sent to you is filtered,” Scarborough said.

Check out the video above.