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MSNBC Host Breaks Down On Air Over Syrian Hospital Attack (Video)

”Gosh, I’m so upset looking at this,“ anchor Stephanie Ruhle says

“MSNBC” anchor Stephanie Ruhle got visibly choked up on Wednesday’s program when discussing a horrific attack on a Syrian hospital.

“Gosh, I’m so upset looking at this,” Ruhle said, fighting off tears as NBC’s Richard Engel offered his report on the incident. Ruhle warned viewers that the footage out of Syria was tough to watch.

The Syrian civil war made headlines on Tuesday after a suspected chemical attack killed over 70 people near the city of Idlib. A hospital was also hit during the attack. Engel’s report delved into the Syrian army’s history with chemical weapons, and how the hospital was bombed while it was dealing with patients poisoned by a nerve agent.

“Morning Joe,” which airs on MSNBC directly before Ruhle’s newscast, spent a significant portion of Wednesday’s show covering the incident. Co-host Joe Scarborough slammed President Trump’s response to the attack.

Trump condemned the incident, while shifting blame to his predecessor, President Obama, who famously said he would take action if the country used chemical weapons back in 2012 but failed to deliver on the threat.

“What the President of the Unites States gets paid to do is lead us together as a country in times of crisis — and him carping at the past president’s failures is unbecoming,” Joe Scarborough said on Wednesday’s show.

Scarborough continued: “You’re criticizing Barack Obama for what he did not do in 2012? What are you doing to do five years later? Because now you’re the President of the United States.”

Check out the video above.