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MTV Makes Season 2 of ‘Jersey Shore’ Official

More nookie for Snookie! The gang will all be back for more GTL-filled good times — but maybe not in Jersey

MTV’s pop culture hit "Jersey Shore" will return for a second season later this year. It just might not be in Jersey.

The network announced the renewal late Friday via a press release, according to multiple reports from bloggers and news outlets sent a copy of said press release.

(For some reason, however, MTV’s media relations department, populated by nice people though it may be, either won’t or can’t send TV MoJoe press releases with any consistency. The network’s press website also hasn’t been updated in several days. We mention this not to whine, but to explain why we’re sourcing others on a story that’s all over the interwebs.)

It’s been obvious for weeks that "Jersey Shore" would be coming back for another round. While some bloggers were readying obits after early ratings weren’t as strong as they thought they should be, the fact is, "Shore" showed signs of hit-dom from the start.  Strong word-of-mouth then sent the numbers soaring. And by last week, the show’s season finale attracted nearly 5 million viewers.

MTV’s announcement of the renewal may have been delayed, however, by negotiations between the show’s cast over how much they’d be paid for another season. Even that drama, however, was likely overhyped and overcovered by hit-hungry reporters: There’s no way the fame whores on "Shore" would have walked away from the golden ticket they’d been handed by MTV.

In any case, the Hartford Courant’s Roger Catlin, who does get MTV press releases, reports the network is now saying season two of "Shore" will have the cast escaping "the cold of the Northeast" and will "find themselves in a new destination."

No doubt someplace with ready access to the three major foodgroups of the "Shore" life: gym, tan and laundry. Perhaps a Florida ZIP code?

For those of us who haven’t tuned in "Shore" since its two-hour premiere last year, MTV is thoughtfully planning an encore of the first season on Super Bowl Sunday.