Murdoch’s Shaving Cream Pie-er Charged with Assault

The 26-year-old comic called the media mogul a “greedy billionaire” before the pie struck

The comedian who hit Rupert Murdoch with a plate of shaving cream during his testimony to Parliament was convicted of assault and causing harassment Friday, BBC news reports.

Jonathan May-Bowles, who  goes by the name of “Jonnie Marbles,” rushed Murdoch inside the House of Commons July 19, leaving the media mogul’s suit stained and pride wounded.

May-Bowles was tackled to the floor by a group of witnesses, Wendi Deng, Murdoch’s wife, who leapt up to defend her 80-year-old husband and appeared to slap May-Bowles on the head, BBC news reports.

He pled guilty to the charges in a London court Friday, and is awaiting an Aug. 2 sentencing.

"I just want to say this is the most humble day of my life,” May-Bowles said to reporters after his hearing, mocking the statement Murdoch made in his closing comments to Parliament.

"He is on bail for a serious offence which carries a risk of imprisonment,” District Judge Daphne Wickham told BBC.

"He should have thought about this on 19 July when he committed these offenses."