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‘Murphy Brown': Candice Bergen’s TV Son Works at the Wolf Network, Which Is Definitely Fox News

TCA 2018: Like mother, like son — Avery is a liberal television journalist at a conservative cable news network

On CBS’ “Murphy Brown” revival, “Limitless” alum Jake McDorman plays Avery, who is Murphy Brown’s (Candice Bergen) grown-up son. He doesn’t work for “FYI,” however: Avery is employed by the Wolf Network, which is definitely the sitcom’s take on Fox News Channel.

“He’s also a television journalist, who is working for an opposing network called The Wolf Network — Fox,” Bergen said Sunday at the Television Critics Association press tour. Wolf-Fox: Get it?

Avery is the liberal voice there, executive producer Diane English added. So that should lead to some drama on a comedy.

To kick off their panel at their TCA day, English proactively addressed the cloud hanging over all CBS talent and executives these days: that bombshell New Yorker story accusing company chairman and CEO Les Moonves — and other top male executives — of sexual harassment.

“I just want to say that, on behalf of everybody on our show, that we take the allegations of sexual misconduct extremely seriously,” English said. “So seriously, that we actually developed an episode about the #MeToo Movement many months ago and that will be our fourth episode. We support the investigation fully. We, none of us have had any negative experience, in that regard, at CBS. And I go back to the Bill Paley days. [laughs] I’ve kind of outlasted all these guys.”

“So I’ve never experienced any kind of sexual misconduct personally or misogyny and — as far as I know — no one on the crew has,” she added. “So I feel like I just want to say that upfront on our behalf, and would much rather talk about our show coming back. So I think that’s the only comment we will have until the investigation is complete.”