‘My Giant Life’: 6-Foot-9 Lindsay Puts On Russian Accent for Acting Coach (Exclusive Video)

Any takers, Hollywood?

They say there are no giant roles, just giant actresses.

Six-foot-nine Lindsay from TLC’s “My Giant Life” is ready for her close-up, she just needs a gig. And perhaps some talent, commitment, or at least, lessons.

“Making a living as an actress may not be that difficult if you’re like average height, average look, Plain Jane kinda thing. Because they hire a lot for those,” Lindsay opined. “But when you’re 6-feet-9-inches, 240 pounds and 38G, it’s a little harder.”

The reality TV star meets up with an acting coach on tonight’s episode of “My Giant Life” and walks away with a bit of advice and some renewed confidence.

Watch how that all goes via the video above.

“My Giant Life” airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC.