Nancy Grace Launches Crime News Website

“Crime Online ushers in a new era of combatting crime and crime awareness,” new site says

Nancy Grace dassey
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Former HLN host Nancy Grace has launched Crime Online, which bills itself as “intersection of crime-reporting and crime-fighting.”

Grace’s new digital media venture includes a podcast and will allow readers to engage by providing their own input and theories.

“It will be the go-to for crime sleuths and people who want knowledge about crime and crime fighting,” Grace told Business Insider, while the site says, “Crime Online ushers in a new era of combatting crime and crime awareness.”

She left HLN last October after 12 years at the network. Grace, who has crossed over from cable news broadcaster to all-around celebrity, is often parodied on shows such as “Saturday Night Live” because of her harsh tone and passionate delivery. She also appeared on Season 13 of “Dancing with the Stars.” Grace has played herself in various films and TV shows, including HBO’s “The Wire” and the Will Smith movie “Hancock.”

She became an ardent advocate for victims’ rights after her fiancé was murdered in 1979. Grace spent a decade serving as a prosecutor in Atlanta before turning to a career as a TV legal analyst.

“I kept noticing over the last two to three years that the cases our show helped crack were solved through Facebook. … The power of the internet helped save lives,” Grace told Business Insider. “And it struck me then that I wanted my own website. A crime-fighting website.”

The site currently features news on “kidnap mom” Sherri Papini, Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery and updates on the death of George Michael, among other crime news.

According to Business Insider, Grace partnered with Red Seat Ventures to launch Crime Online. The operation is located in New York and currently has seven staffers.