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Nancy Pelosi Hasn’t and Won’t Watch Video of Hammer Attack on Husband: ‘I Have Absolutely No Intention of Seeing’ It (Video)

“We continue to thank people for all of their prayers … He is making progress but it’ll take more time,” she said

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday addressed the police body-cam footage of the hammer attack on her husband Paul Pelosi, saying she appreciated the outpouring of support but wouldn’t be watching it or commenting on it.

“It’s with a grateful heart and on behalf of my entire family that we continue to thank people for all of their prayers, that they continue to send us asking about the progress my husband is making. And he is making progress but it’ll take more time,” the California Democrat began her remarks at Capitol Hill, which you can watch on video from CNN at the top of this file.

The video of David DePape lunging at Paul Pelosi with a hammer was released Friday morning along with surveillance footage of DePape breaking into the couple’s San Francisco home as well as the audio of Paul’s call to the police.

“As you know today there was a release of some information. I have not heard the 911 call. I have not heard the confession. I have not seen the break-in, and I have absolutely no intention of seeing the deadly assault on my husband’s life,” Pelosi continued. “I won’t be making any more statements about this case as it proceeds, except to again thank people and inform them of Paul’s progress. But that will be the end of what I’ll say about the case. Thank you.”

As she was exiting, a reporter asked Pelosi how her husband was doing.

“He’s coming along, thank you,” Pelosi turned and said.

The bodycam video of the October 2022 attack shows the beginning of DePape’s assault of Pelosi with a hammer, which left the 82-year-old unconscious on the ground and bleeding.

DePape has pleaded not guilty in state and federal cases, and he has been held in jail without bail since the attack. Charges he faces include attempted murder, elder abuse and assaulting an immediate family member of a federal official.