Watch These Nat Geo Wild Wolves Experiencing the ‘Best, and Possibly Last, Day of Their Lives’ (Exclusive Video)

So let’s hunt some musk oxen, shall we?

Always on the hunt for new wildlife programming, Nat Geo Wild has ordered three-part event series “Kingdom of the White Wolf,” news that TheWrap reported exclusively as part of the cable channel’s 2019-20 slate. We’ve also got your first look at the Arctic-set specials.

In our exclusive preview video from the Market Road Films production, which is set to premiere in August, a pack of 10 white wolves are experiencing “the best, and possibly last, day of their lives,” narrator Ronan Donovan tells us. After playtime, comes the hunt — and this is the young pups’ first opportunity to see mom and dad do their thing.

Here’s the deal, though: Those musk oxen are in herd formation themselves.

Watch our “Kingdom of the White Wolf” sneak peek via the video above.

The special’s official description is below, find Nat Geo Wild’s full upcoming slate here.

“Kingdom of the White Wolf”
Three-Part Special Event Premieres August 2019 (Market Road Films)
Journey to the Arctic with National Geographic Explorer Ronan Donovan to witness a gorgeous and desolate world where wolves hunt, howl and raise their families. As we embed with the pack, experience unprecedented intimacy with a species steeped in legend, rumor and fear. This one-of-a-kind special blends classic blue-chip wildlife filmmaking with immersive, raw and breathless reality to showcase these wolves in their natural habitat.