Nat Geo Wild Wants to Send You a Puppy, Because You’ve Earned It (Exclusive)

If you’re in need of a break, and a canine companion, Thursday is your day

Is your boss is demanding and work in stressing you out? Take heart; Nat Geo Wild wants to send some puppy love to your office.

At least, if you live in Los Angeles, New York City or Washington, DC.

The network is unleashing the healing power of puppies on Thursday, with its #BarkBreak campaign to deliver pooches to your workplace.

The campaign kicks off on Monday, when those in need of a puppy infusion in their workspace in the above-mentioned cities can follow @natgeowild for a link to request a 30-minute visit from an adoptable puppy on Thursday, courtesy of the Humane Society of New York, the SPCA in Los Angeles and the Washington Humane Society. If you make a love connection with one of the pooches, you can talk to the shelter ambassador accompanying the dog to start the adoption process.

Thursday’s puppy love-in is in conjunction with National Pet Month, which if you’ve forgotten falls in May (bark — err, mark — your calendars!), as well as Nat Geo Wild’s inaugural BarkFest, a 48-hour block of programming kicking off on Friday that the network says will feature “some of the smartest, most unique and cutest canines in the world.”

Prepare your work-withered heart to be rejuvenated by wagging tales of surfing dogs, service dogs and Cesar Milan marathons, along with games to find out if your dog is a genius, which, let’s face it, you already know it is.

Go ahead; go to the dogs.