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We the Women Co-Founders Nathalie Love and Samantha Ressler on Creating a Platform for Rising Female Voices in Hollywood

WrapWomen LA Blog: WrapWomen Next-Gen Ambassadors Nathalie Love and Samantha Ressler on how they turned a small idea into a movement

Nothing can get in the way of two best friends with an idea and nothing to lose. Just ask Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, Snooki and JWoww or WrapWomen Next-Gen Ambassadors Nathalie Love and Samantha Ressler.

Fresh out of college, Nathalie Love and Samantha Ressler both realized they were unhappy with the roles they were getting – and not getting – as actors in Los Angeles. Instead of giving up – or finding fame on “The Bachelor” – the BFF’s decided to put on a play of their very own. Word of this idea got around faster than a Planet Blue sample sale and soon everyone wanted to get their name on the list and join.

What started out as a small production quickly turned into a community for rising female actors, writers and artists, known as We the Women. At the beginning of the year – before sh*t hit the fan – they performed a wake for 2019 at the Hollywood Cemetery, which was attended by literally everyone. After the year we’ve had so far – and its only May – I can’t wait to see what they have in store for their 2020 wake.

During a recent interview with WrapWomen, the two friends talked about their upcoming projects and shared their top tips for success.

Tell us about WTW.

RESSLER: We the Women is a non-profit 501(c)3 Performing Arts Collective dedicated to creating and curating live pop-up theatrical experiences led by all-female teams. We aim to empower women by transforming the traditional model of theater into unique, pop-up, pro-socially minded theatrical productions in Los Angeles.

Which production has been your favorite to date?

LOVE: I would say our first because that was when WTW was born, but I do think the work and the quality of work continues to get better and better as we have grown. With that being said, I think our last production “The Wake,” for 2019 was my favorite. It took place at the beginning of this year and was a comedic funeral for the year 2019 at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. We really executed everything we had been working on and spoke to who we want to be as a company.

RESSLER: They have all been so special but I would say our most recent “Wake for 2019” at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery reflects the kind of work we want to create the best.

What projects are you currently working on?

LOVE: WTW is commissioning a series of multimedia responses – song, poetry, personal essay, movement, writing and sketch – inspired by “WTW’s Wake and Rebirth Concepts,” which focus on the cycle of loss and the re-emergence of life. “The Wake” eulogizes anything that has been left behind or lost, while Rebirth” focuses on what we are gaining or growing from. We reviewed an overwhelming number of submissions – all so unique and inspiring. We had the difficult task of selecting 12 pieces for the Wake and 12 pieces for the Rebirth that we are currently presenting digitally on WTW’s social media channels (@wethewomencollective).

Any tips for friends looking to go into business together?

LOVE: It’s not all fun and games…It can be very difficult – you have to be prepared for that… to respect each other enough to be willing to work through the hard stuff- like any marriage or partnership, but when it works it’s the best – the company is like our child and its really special for us to share in the experience- to feel the love and pride of watching it grow. It’s a beautiful thing.

RESSLER: A work partner is like a spouse. Find someone you can see spending your life with… that’s what it’s like. Sometimes we want to kill each other, but we deeply love and respect each other.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

LOVE: Be kind to yourself and to treat others as you would like to be treated.

RESLER: Listen.

Top 5 tips for success… 

LOVE: 1) Be passionate, 2) Work hard, 3) Listen, 4) Have fun and 5) Always collaborate.

RESSLER: 1) Listen, 2) Collaborate, 3) Find joy, 4) Gratitude and 5) Love what you do.

I am most inspired when…

LOVE: In the creative process (either on stage as an actress or curating/ producing/ collaborating with other creatives) and by the incredible artists and collaborators I am lucky enough to work with.

RESSLER: I watch an artist with passion.

I feel most confident when I am…

LOVE: Working

RESSLER: Working with my We the Women team of collaborators

I manage my stress by…

LOVE: Exercising

RESSLER: Meditating

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