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Natalie Portman Perfectly Channels a Childish Trump Insult for Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Mad Lib Theater’ (Video)

”Black Swan“ star is definitely not jocking POTUS No. 45

Last Updated: October 3, 2019 @ 8:11 AM

We found the only person worse at keeping a straight face than Jimmy Fallon. Natalie Portman, you’d never make it on “Saturday Night Live.” (Yes, we know she’s actually hosted “SNL” twice.)

To be fair, you try earnestly saying, “I’ll always have a special place for you in my butt” on national television. Yeah, that ended up on the cue cards Wednesday when the two played a little “Mad Lib Theater.”

As is customary for the “Tonight Show” game, Fallon’s guest blindly picked all the nouns, verbs, numbers, names and adjectives, etc. The choices turned a dramatic apple-orchard breakup scene into quite a silly one.

When the time came for her to come up with an “Insult a kid would say,” Portman went with Trump’s latest for Rep. Adam Schiff, “You couldn’t carry a blank strap.”

That witty and topical response received big applause and laughter from the 30 Rock audience, and Fallon walked offstage while The Roots played the moment up on their instruments. Wait until you see it play out during their actual performance.

Watch it via the video above.

By the way, here is where the whole “blank strap” thing started:

The word Trump self-censored there is “jockstrap.”