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‘The Following’s’ Natalie Zea Talks Amazon Pilot ‘The Rebels,’ Its Cocaine Monkey That Shoots Guns (Video)

In this episode of TheWrap’s Drinking With the Stars, the actress discusses making the leap from a network drama to the comedy

Spoiler alert: if you’re not caught up with “The Following,” read no further.

Fans mourning Claire’s recent death on Fox’s “The Following” need not fret, actress Natalie Zea is back with a new Amazon series, “The Rebels.”

On this episode of TheWrap’s Drinking With the Stars, Zea talks about her newest endeavor and her switch over to comedy.

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On “The Rebels,” Zea plays a widow who’s left as the sole owner of her husband’s Los Angeles football team.

The comedy features “knockout improvisers” and “a cocaine monkey that shoots guns,” Zea reveals.

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The success of the series is largely dependent on audience ratings and critiques (viewers can rate the pilot episode on a scale of 1-5 stars and leave comments).

The pilot episode is available to view and rate on Amazon.com now.