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‘Nathan For You’ Renewed by Comedy Central for Season 4

Prepare for Nathan Fielder’s awesome business tips, more local stores

Just close up shop already, fledgling businesses, because the following news is definitely not going to kickstart your local economy: Comedy Central has renewed Nathan Fielder’s “Nathan For You” for Season 4.

The series follows non-business expert Fielder offering his mostly terrible business tips to struggling businesses that could really use some actual business. Instead, each move and every episode tends to make matters worse for the local shop, leading to some of the most awkward and uncomfortable moments on cable TV. They’re also hilarious and awesome, so enjoy cringe-watching another season.

“I couldn’t be more excited to continue my non-sexual relationship with Viacom,” said Fielder.

“Nathan showed such professionalism transitioning our relationship into a platonic one last season, he deserves another,” added Comedy Central Original Programming President Kent Alterman.

Fielder’s third run wraps up Thursday night in an extended season finale airing at 10 p.m. with limited commercial interruptions. And it will be a doozy, per Comedy Central.

For tonight’s episode, Fielder underwent seven months of physical training to prepare for his “most ambitious project to date,” the cable channel touted. It continued: Fielder sets out to prove that there’s a hero in all of us and he “risks everything to pull off the most astonishing life transformation ever to be broadcast on television.”

So, you should probably watch that.

“Nathan For You” is produced by Abso Lutely Productions. Fielder, Leo Allen, Dave Kneebone, Christie Smith and Dan McManus are executive producers. Jim Sharp and Rachel Olson are the executives in charge of production for Comedy Central.