The Nation Hires Ex-E&P Editor Mitchell to Launch Media Blog

Magazine to roll out Media Fix in April

The Nation announced on Monday that it has hired Greg Mitchell, the former editor of Editor & Publisher, as an editor and blogger for the magazine’s soon-to-launch Media Fix blog, which will provide “a snapshot of the best and worst each day in media and journalism.” The blog will launch in April.

“Every day at the blog we’ll probe the latest media outrages, and uncover a few ourselves, while also providing links to important articles and blog posts at other sites (both mainstream and alt-), along with essential or amusing video,” Mitchell wrote in announcing the new site. “Since this is The Nation, we’ll pay special attention to media politics and media culture. If not 24/7, it will often be 16/6. Others in The Nation family, and perhaps even readers, will contribute. We’ll try to have some fun with it as we go along.” (Mitchell has a long history with magazine: "I wrote my first piece for The Nation in 1979 … Around 1980, I organized the first Nation softball team.")

Katrina vanden Heuvel called Media Fix the “first blog at dedicated to the intersection of politics and media.”

Oh, and Mitchell’s new blog already has a Twitter feed.

Editor & Publisher – set to be shuttered by Nielsen Business Media late last year – was acquired by a Duncan McIntosh, the Orange County, California-based publisher of Boating World in January. But the new owner decided not to retain Mitchell or E&P senior editor Joe Strupp.

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