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Why Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer Is on Brink of Elimination

But is it GoDaddy or hackers that will bring down the hate-filled site?

Neo-Nazi site, Daily Stormer, appears to be on the verge of getting shut down, but it’s unclear if GoDaddy or hackers will be the primary reason for the hate-filled site’s removal from the internet.

Web-hosting company GoDaddy gave the Daily Stormer 24 hours to move its domain to another provider on Sunday after the site published a negative story about Heather Heyer — the woman who died during weekend violence in Charlottesville, Virginia when a white supremacist slammed his car into a group of counter protestors.

GoDaddy said it would no longer host Daily Stormer because it violated the company’s terms of service. Meanwhile, international hacking group “Anonymous” appeared to hack the site and threatened to shut it down — but Twitter accounts linked to the hacking group claim the whole thing is a stunt.

Daily Stormer is filled with hate-filled messages and anti-minority remarks. It claims to be getting sued by “Jewish terrorists” and features a variety of posts defending the violence in Charlottesville. 

The top story on the site now features the headline, “End of Hate: Anonymous now in control of Daily Stormer,” and warns that founder Andrew Anglin has spewed hate on the site for “too long,” noting “we have all the details on the servers and will be releasing the data when we feel the time is right.”

The post also says that the site will be shut down “permanently” after leaving it up for 24 hours so the “world can witness the hate.”

“We have no confirmation that ‘Anonymous’ is involved yet. Looks more like a DS stunt. Wonder if they are having issues finding a new host,” “Anonymous” tweeted, confusing the Internet.

Perhaps the Stormer is using “Anonymous” as an excuse to shut down the site, without appearing to cave over problems finding a new hosting company.

“For too long the Daily Stormer and Andrew Anglin have spewed their putrid hate on this site,” the message on the site proclaims. “This evil cannot be allowed to stand. It took a united force of elite hackers from around the world to breach the systems and the firewall.”

“Anonymous” is a hacking collective that grew out of the internet forum 4Chan in the late 2000s and is responsible for multiple high-profile cyber attacks. It’s unclear if “Anonymous” or GoDaddy will ultimately be responsible for the demise of the neo-Nazi site, but it appears Daily Stormer won’t be around, in its current form, for much longer.