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NBC Is Developing a ‘Modern Reimagination of a Shakespearean World’ That Sounds an Awful Lot Like ‘Hamlet’

Vague logline for ”The Stratford“ also feels like it could be a mega-crossover of Shakespeare’s entire literary collection

NBC is developing drama “The Stratford,” which is described as “a modern reimagination of a Shakespearean world,” from Sean Hayes, Todd Milliner and Vincent Angell.

Based on the logline, it sounds like the main character will be Prince Hamlet. Though the vagueness of information available to us at this time also seems to purposefully leave the door open for a Shakespearean universe mega-crossover. Think “Once Upon a Time,” with a little higher of a bar.

Universal Television did not immediately respond to our inquiry about the project’s intended direction.

Here’s the logline for “The Stratford”: Set in a New York luxury hotel, the series centers on a young man’s search for his father’s killer in a modern reimagination of a Shakespearean world.

And here’s one for “Hamlet” itself: “Hamlet” follows the young Prince Hamlet as he seeks revenge against his uncle, Claudius, who has murdered Hamlet’s father in an attempt to seize control of the throne of Denmark and wed Hamlet’s mother.

“The Stratford,” which appears to be the name of that New York luxury hotel, is named after William Shakespeare’s UK hometown, Stratford-upon-Avon.

The drama is in development at NBC through its Universal Television. “The Stratford,” which hails from Hazy Hills, has a script sale commitment.

Angell will write. He’ll executive produce alongside Hayes and Milliner.

Deadline first reported the news of “The Stratford’s” development.