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NBC Lets Conan Mock It on TV — and Now, Online

Official website for “The Tonight Show” is having a field day with Coco-mania

Conan O’Brien’s tweaking of NBC has extended beyond TV to the network’s own websites.

In addition to the many on-air potshots O’Brien has taken at the Peacock, the official TonightShowWithConanOBrien.com site has joined in the fun.

Backstage blogger Aaron Bleyaert, who first found "fame" by serving up Coco updates during the WGA strike, has been writing candidly and honestly about the situation over at Universal City. He even reported on the Save Conan rallies which took place Monday.

The site is also auctioning off the commemorative carry-on bag O’Brien showcased on a mock fire sale sketch a few days back. You can bid for the bag here

And finally, the site’s homepage actually links to a poll asking what Coco should do next.

Say this for NBC executives: They may not know how to handle a late-night tranisition. But at least they’re smart enough to not stand in the way of an online traffic surge when they see it coming.

By the way, here are the choices in the find-a-job for Conan poll. (No mention of a gig on Fox).

– Take show to Pasadena Community Network cable access!
– Take show to Jewish Life TV!
– Dramatic role as IRA terrorist on FX drama "Sons of Anarchy"!
– Morning show sidekick on Y-94 in Fargo, North Dakota!
– Star in a Pink Visual porno, "Conan the Bangbarian"!
– Appear on "Dancing with the Stars"!

Forget the Mass. senate election: This is the biggest election out there. Cast your vote here.