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NBC News Contributor Gabriel Sherman Says Trump Emboldens ‘Rich White People’ to Show ‘Lack of Empathy’

Vanity Fair writer goes on twitter rant after ”60-something man“ knocked over his 15-month-old daughter and walked away

NBC News contributor Gabriel Sherman accused President Trump of empowering “rich white people” to embrace victimhood and lose their empathy in a Twitter thread on Friday.

Sherman, who also works as a correspondent at Vanity Fair, made the charge while relaying an unfortunate incident involving his daughter at a hotel.

“Trump’s America is a vicious and divided place. Today, a 60-something man walked into my 15-month old daughter, knocking to her to the ground with a bloody nose,” said Sherman. “When I rushed over and picked her up, he casually walked away as my daughter wailed. I said, Sir excuse me how about an apology? And then his nasty rich wife said well how about you apologize to us?

“Trump has allowed people — especially rich white people — to exhibit the worst kind of victimhood and lack of empathy,” he concluded.

Sherman told TheWrap he had “nothing more” to add. In a response to a comment, He noted that the incident happened at a hotel and that the assailant had “definitely” been college educated.

Sherman first came to wide public prominence for his reporting on Fox News. His book “The Loudest Voice in the Room” about the former network chief Roger Ailes is widely considered the gold standard biography of him and is currently being turned into a miniseries on Showtime.

In the Trump era, Sherman has become known for anonymously sourced White House palace intrigue and is a frequent presence on NBC News and MSNBC where he serves as a contributor.