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NBC News’ Richard Engel Slams Obama’s ‘Convoluted’ and ‘Incoherent’ Iran Policy (Video)

Arab allies ”simply don’t trust the United States anymore“ as a result of its negotiations with Iran, Engel says

While appearing on MSNBC Friday to discuss the situation in Yemen, NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Richard Engel offered his trenchant two cents on President Obama’s Iran strategy.

“In Syria you have the U.S. fighting both with Iran and against Iran in the same country,” Engel began, referring to U.S. negotiations with Iran in Switzerland and simultaneous assistance in ongoing airstrikes against Iranian-backed targets in Yemen. “We’re fighting both with and against Iran in Syria, and fighting with Iran in Iraq.”

“There’s an incredibly convoluted dynamic underway right now where the U.S. is negotiating on one hand to come up with some sort of comprehensive deal with Iran, which would see Iran put some breaks on its nuclear program in exchange for lifting the sanctions.”

Engel said many analysts have told him Obama’s policy is “incoherent” regarding not just Iran but the Middle East in general.

Engel also said Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries didn’t consult much with the U.S. military on airstrikes in Yemen because they “simply don’t trust the United States anymore, don’t trust this administration” as a result of its negotiations with Iran.

Watch the video below.