NBC Pulls the Plug on J.J. Abrams’ ‘Undercovers’

Network declines to pick up the back nine from producer Warner Bros. TV; series will depart its regular Wednesday 8 p.m. time period Nov. 17

J.J. Abrams first post-"Lost" TV gambit didn't make it through its first season.

NBC confirmed Thursday that it will not pick up the final nine episodes of the freshman drama "Undercovers" from producer Warner Bros. Television.

The show dipped to a season-low 1.3 rating Wednesday night

"Undercovers" will depart its regular Wednesday 8 p.m. timeslot after Nov. 17.

Production of episode 12 is currently underway, and network officials say they'll keep their commitment to their initial 13-episode order … although they're not sure what they'll do with the final episodes.

"Undercovers" is only the second rookie NBC series to succumb to cancellation this season, joining Jimmy Smits legal drama "Outlaw."