Gay Rights Group Protests ‘Today Show’ Weddings Contest

Activists are up in arms over a “Today Show” weddings contest that’s not open to gay couples

NBC is under pressure to open up a straight-only "Today Show" weddings contest to gay couples, but the network says it won't because New York state law doesn't fully recognize same-sex marriage.

Gay rights activists are asking supporters to send emails and Tweets urging the "Today Show" to allow gay couples to enter the "Modern Day Weddings Contest." 

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, or GLAAD, issued a "call to action" against NBC asking the network to allow gay couples to enter the contest. "Modern Day Weddings" winners get an all-expenses paid wedding that will be broadcast on the "Today Show."

NBC issued a statement saying they can't have a same-sex marriage on the show because "the couple must be able to be legally married in New York, which is where the wedding will take place."

GLAAD says blaming the situation on New York law is "not a valid argument." New York doesn't give licenses to gay couples, but the state recognizes marriage licenses given to same-sex couples in other jurisdictions. GLAAD says NBC could "easily" ensure that a gay couple obtained a marriage license somewhere else before having their wedding celebration at the "Today Show" set in Rockefeller Center.  

As of now, NBC isn't giving in to GLAAD's demand to open up the contest. The "Today Show" is taking "Modern Day Weddings" applications from straight couples until Friday, July 9.