Peacock Undergoes Marketing Layoffs in Restructuring Move to Streamline, ‘Work Smarter’

NBCUniversal Entertainment and ad sales also saw employee dismissals, totaling about 50 layoffs in the effort

Peacock chief marketing officer Shannon Willet (Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Peacock chief marketing officer Shannon Willet (Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Peacock will undergo marketing layoffs in a slew of restructurings across the company in an effort to streamline and “work smarter.” The move will impact about 50 staffers TheWrap has learned.

On Thursday, the network announced that three of its departments, including the marketing department for its streaming platform Peacock, NBCUniversal Entertainment and as sales, would be impacted by substantial staff cuts.

“I’m reaching out today to share an update on the Peacock Marketing organization. Given Peacock’s growth trajectory and the shifting landscape around us, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past year thinking about what we can do as a team to better support the business. Through that process, we recognized an opportunity to reimagine the way we work to drive the next phase of Peacock’s growth. Today we’re announcing an evolved Marketing structure that will enable us to work smarter, bringing more expertise and strategy in-house, and move faster by breaking down silos and deepening collaboration across our team and with our key partners,” Peacock CMO Shannon Willett wrote in a memo to staff on restructuring Thursday.

The message went on to highlight the specific areas of the company that will be affected by the restructure.

“Our new organization will be focused on five core pillars, each with a direct impact on business strategy: Brand Creative and Marketing; Title Creative and Marketing; Marketing Strategy, Planning, Analysis and Performance Media; Growth and Lifecycle Marketing; and Publicity, Events and Talent Engagement. We heard from many of you as well as our partners that our structure was complex, and are confident that this streamlined approach will help us simplify our processes, accelerate decision making and expose us to a deeper array of marketing skillsets to learn and grow in our careers.”

NBCUniversal held discussions with departing employees on the same day the memo was sent out. The company stated it will also be initiating hiring for key positions on senior levels to support the networks new work frame.

Willett provided an overview of the development, as well as the five “business areas” that are set to report to her. Here is the outline, as provided by NBCUniversal.

  • Brand Creative and Marketing: This new pillar will be responsible for brand positioning, strategy, and design identity, led by the EVP of Brand Creative and Marketing, a new leadership role for which we are hiring.
  • Title Creative and Marketing: This new team will oversee planning and execution for our Peacock scripted, unscripted and film single-title campaigns and will be led by the SVP of Title Creative and Marketing, a new leadership role for which we’re hiring.
  •  Marketing Strategy, Planning, Analysis and Performance Media: Nic Julich [SVP of Marketing Strategy, Planning and Analysis] will continue to lead this team with a broader scope, focusing on data-informed decisions and testing across the marketing organization, as well as performance media.
  • Growth and Lifecycle Marketing: Anna Frost [Senior Vice President of Growth and Lifecycle Marketing at Peacock] will continue to lead this expanded team, which will serve as the main hub for our ongoing marketing efforts focused on subscriber acquisition, engagement and retention.
  •  Publicity, Events and Talent Engagement: This team will continue to be led by Shannon Buck [Executive Vice President of Publicity at Peacock], and encompasses series and film publicity, events and talent engagement, all of which remain key drivers of our overall brand and business.

NBCUniversal has scheduled a meeting with continuing staff members on Friday at 9:30 a.m. PST, where Willett is expected to go over how the changes will impact workers and their roles.

“Thank you for joining us and for being part of the next chapter of our Peacock growth story,” Willett concluded.


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