NBC’s Olympics Opening Ceremony Coverage Leaves Twitter Seething

Viewers tweeted their displeasure at NBC’s endless commercials and “idiot commentators”

nbc rio olympics opening ceremony
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There are many traditions that take place at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. There’s the parade of nations, the showcase of the host country, and of course, the lighting of the Olympic flame.

Another proud Olympic tradition is the airing of grievances by American viewers against NBC’s coverage of the event.

And indeed, Twitter was inundated Friday night with countless complaints against the network’s commercial-stuffed presentation of the event.

While other nations enjoyed an uninterrupted presentation of the pageantry live on networks like BBC, viewers in the States watched the ceremony on tape delay even though Rio de Janeiro is only an hour ahead of the East Coast time zone.

Then, during the show’s elegant dance numbers and digital projections, NBC chopped up its broadcast into five minute segments to make room for as many commercials as possible.

Throw in the jokes and mood-ruining narration from the main trio of “Today,” and you have enough frustration to trigger a thousand Arthur Fist memes.

Here’s a small sampling of how poorly NBC’s coverage was received.

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