NBCUniversal Shutting Down Television Without Pity and DailyCandy

The company is shuttering the two high profile web properties

NBCUniversal is shutting down DailyCandy and Television Without Pity next week, an individual with knowledge of situation told TheWrap.

The shut down will impact 67 employees.

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The two web entities, which were relics of the early internet era, struggled with traffic and in the end, NBCUniversal determined competition from other sites was too much for them to overcome.

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TWoP provided spirited recaps and a popular forum for TV geeks to discuss their favorite shows. It was launched in the fall of 1998 as a Dawson’s Creek anti-fan page, DawsonsWrap.com, later rebranding itself as MightyBigTV.com in September 1999 and changing its focus to television recapping.

In early 2002, the site officially changed its name to TelevisionWithoutPity.com. It was purchased by Bravo in 2007, but could not keep up with the advent of social media. The site announced Thursday that while the website would fold on April 4, its forums would remain open until May 31.

The fashion and lifestyle newsletter service DailyCandy was launched in March 2000 by writer Dany Levy, who previously had done work for New York magazine and Lucky. It was purchased by Comcast media in 2008 for $125 million, but failed to successfully catch on.

NBCU had made attempts to sell the site, but in the end, decided to pull the plug.