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Neil Cavuto on Charlotte Protests: ‘I Wouldn’t Break Into Macy’s’ (Video)

Fox Business host interviewed Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday’s episode of ”Cavuto: Coast to Coast“

A conversation between Neil Cavuto and Rev. Jesse Jackson on Fox Business Network’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” took an ugly turn on Thursday when the host asked the civil rights activist if he was deviating from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s peaceful message by supporting the protests in Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Can you imagine for a moment if you had this many black police shooting white folks in the back?” Jackson said. “What would your response be?”

“I wouldn’t break into Macy’s. I wouldn’t break into any store,” Cavuto said. “I would peacefully protest my rage, as is my right as an American.”

During the interview, Cavuto referenced instances where demonstrators damaged property and broke into stores during the second night of protests in Charlotte over the police shooting of an African-American man, Keith L. Scott.

Jackson continued, asking Cavuto what his response would be if black cops shot a lot of white people.

“The same. But peaceful,” Cavuto answered.

Watch the video above. The interview begins at the nine-minute mark.