Neil DeGrasse Tyson Proves Gravity, Drops Mic on Rapper B.o.B. Over Twitter Beef (Video)

The Earth is round again, astrophysicist proves on “Nightly Show,” so that settles that

Last Updated: January 28, 2016 @ 9:35 AM

Neil DeGrasse Tyson just dropped the mic on rapper B.o.B. — for real.

The beloved astrophysicist took their Twitter beef to Larry Wilmore’s “Nightly Show” on Wednesday, crushing the “Airplanes” emcee with a few on-camera physics lessons. The final one, an actual mic drop, was all about gravity. Sir Isaac Newton would have handled his hip-hop feuds in the same exact way.

“All right, listen B.o.B., once and for all,” Tyson kicked¬†off his segment, before beginning with some apparent size and stature jokes about the artist. B.o.B. stands 5 feet 10 inches tall; Tyson is 6-foot-2.

“Small sections of large curved surfaces will always look flat to small creatures that crawl upon it,” the actual scientist said during his Comedy Central opportunity, explaining why the hip-hop artist’s online insistence that the globe is actually flat is foolish and even dangerous.

Tyson then got into the calculus and non-Euclidean geometry of the whole. This reporter could so easily explain that to you, but I don’t want to bore anybody.

We’ll just let Tyson have the last word, instead:¬†“The Earth isn’t f–king flat,” he concluded.

B.o.B. had actually released NDT diss track “Flatline” after some 140-character back-and-forth between the two — but we think this effort by Tyson is the response that ultimately wins.

Watch the video below.