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John Oliver *Almost* Found the ‘One Movie Neil DeGrasse Tyson Can’t Ruin’ (Video)


John Oliver professed his undying affection for Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga movie “A Star Is Born” on Sunday’s season finale of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”

He’s certainly not alone. The latest remake of the very-remade film is “the one movie that even Neil DeGrasse Tyson can’t ruin,” Oliver opined.

O, ye of little faith.

The astrophysicist had a video message for Oliver and his live audience.

“John, I had a small issue with the film,” NDT interjected. “See, if you want to know how a star is actually born, you start with a gas cloud …”

“Shut up! Shut up! You shut up, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!” Oliver yelled. “Let this be the one thing about stars you don’t f–king ruin!”

“Unfortunately, we’re not talking about ‘A Star Is Born’ tonight,” a calmed-down Oliver said. “In fact, we’re gonna talk about the exact opposite of that movie: The troubling rise of authoritarian leaders around the world.”

Yes, one was Trump.

For more of the authoritarianism, watch the video above. Readers will particularly appreciate Oliver’s Thanksgiving message to turkeys. Gobble gobble.