‘Neil, Patrick and Harris’ Brings 3 Sisters Together — Literally

All six episodes of the show are available on Elizabeth Banks’ site, Whohaha.com

Neil, Patrick and Harris
Neil, Patrick and Harris

What’s funnier than conjoined triplets? For the creators of a new internet show, not much.

That’s the premise behind “Neil, Patrick and Harris,” which airs on Whohaha.com, a site co-founded by actress Elizabeth Banks and Digital Media Management. The show stars Shannon Kiely (Neil), Kimberly Aboltin (Patrick) and Hollie Lee (Harris), as the title triplets who have a knack for ending up in awkward situations.

And yes, the sisters were named after the erstwhile Doogie Howser, M.D. actor.

“The only thing our parents had access to was a shared community VCR and one copy of ‘Clara’s Heart,’” Kiely said, referring to the 1988 film that marked Harris’ acting debut.

The show follows the three sisters as they try to navigate life together, and there’s plenty of physical comedy.

“I think it’s kind of outrageous in the concept,” Lee said. “For the three of us it was kind of like a crapshoot.”

But that gamble paid dividends, as Whohaha’s team quickly became fans and brought the show onto its platform. Six episodes are currently available on Whohaha, and the show also has a Twitter and Facebook page.

“I thought this was the funniest thing ever,” Lee said. “Honestly, I didn’t know if people would think we had lost our minds it’s so stupid. Still makes me laugh.”

They also had to work in the diverse backgrounds of the three stars, who speak differently despite being sisters on the show.

“We had to constantly justify why Hollie had an Australian accent and we didn’t,” Kiely said.

But the characters also have personal traits that verge more on the sweet than silly. Aboltin said she’s heard from friends of hers who have told her they miss their siblings after watching Neil, Patrick and Harris banter.

“I think everyone is going to find something in each one of them,” Aboltin said. “Some days I feel a little more confident and put my Patrick face on.”

The actresses said Banks has been a champion of the show, and has also provided plenty of helpful advice.

“She was supportive and really liked it and wanted to get the show out there in front of everyone,” Kiely said. “She thought it was different and fresh and nothing out there is like it right now.”

And as completely insane as “Neil, Patrick and Harris” is — the stars say that deep down, the affection between the attached siblings shines through.

“I think as zany as it is, I also think there’s very sweet moments,” Kiely said. “I always say this — and Hollie and Kim laugh at me — I think it’s a gorgeous story of sisters and love and bonding and we’re all in this life together.”