‘Kimmel’ Guest Host Neil Patrick Harris Assures Audience: Matt Damon Is ‘Garbage’ (Video)

Watch “Downsizing” co-star’s full fill-in monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Someone get Doogie Howser his own talk show — stat. Neil Patrick Harris filled in brilliantly on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday, trashing Kimmel foe Matt Damon, Donald Trump’s slurred speech, and the rampant sexual harassment problem turning tinsel town on its head.

“Jimmy asked me to host for him, I immediately said ‘Yes,’” Harris opened last night’s late-night monologue. “I thought he meant at The Oscars.”

After reporting that Kimmel’s son Billy’s heart operation was a success, NPH said: “I would do anything for Jimmy. I love him — and I love attention.”

Here’s the “How I Met Your Mother” alum’s best-received quip of the evening: “I’m what’s known in Hollywood as a triple-threat: I sing, I dance, and I don’t sexually harass people.”

We’ll let you watch the video above for the Trump and Damon takedowns.

Readers can next catch both Harris and Damon in Dec. 22 feature film “Downsizing.”