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Neil Patrick Harris Schools Kids on ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ for Funny or Die (Video)

The actor comes out as a “tankie” in the new comedy short

Sitcom star, Oscars host, singer, dancer and author Neil Patrick Harris comes out as a “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends” expert to a group of children in a new Funny or Die sketch released Monday.

Things get ugly, however, when the little kids he’s visiting for a “fan day celebration” boast that they know more about the blue talking train than Harris — a self-proclaimed “tankie.”

“You are not tankies! If anything, you’re a bunch of troublesome trucks. It’s a slap in the face to Thomas,” the actor screams. “I haven’t spent hours watching the some episodes over and over and over with my kids like a broken record to have some stupid little [kids] tell me that I don’t know as much about Thomas the Tank Engine as you do!”

Watch the video.