James Franco to Produce, Star in Adaptation of Neil Strauss’ Pick-Up Artist Memoir ‘The Game’

The actor will play famed PUA Mystery

James Franco
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James Franco and Demian Gregory have entered into a new agreement to produce four feature films together, with the first film they will produce being an adaptation of “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists” by Neil Strauss.

Strauss’ book chronicles his real-life experiences in the world of pick up artists, most notably with the PUA known as Mystery. The book is part-memoir and part-how-to-guide for those who wish to learn how to get better at meeting women.

Franco will star as Mystery, as well as executive produce alongside his partner Vince Jolivette. Gregory will also serve as an executive producer with Nicholas Cafritz and Robert Reed Peterson.

“At our first meeting, I brought three books that influenced ‘The Game‘ to give to James Franco and Vince Jolivette – and not only had they already read all three, but they knew more about them than I did,” Strauss told TheWrap. “So I can’t imagine a better team to capture the sensibility and contours of this world with.”

Each film that Franco and Gregory produce will fall in the $15-$20 million budget range. Gregory will finance the films through his Composite Media Capital and Aristocracy Group in association with Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Produtions banner.