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Nelly Fans Try to Pay Off His Tax Debt, One ‘Hot in Herre’ Stream at a Time

Rapper’s devotees hope to help him out of reported $2.4 million jam with the IRS

No teasing, Nelly needs you to stream his song “Hot in Herre.”

Fans of the rapper have launched a campaign to free him from his reported tax woes by streaming the 2002 track until his supposed debt is paid off.

Upon reading news that Nelly has been slapped with a $2.4 million tax lien by the IRS, devotees cooked up a unique way to bail him out, one stream at a time.

Fans took to Twitter en masse to launch the hashtags #SaveNelly and #HotinHerreStreamingParty, to document their efforts and support.

One Nelly fan went so far as to offer some advice on boosting one’s streaming count while catching some Z’s.

“Pro tip: turn your phone to mute and put on’Hot in Herre’ while you sleep tonight. 7 hours sleep = 110 plays,” the fan helpfully offered.

Alas, streaming royalties being what they are, the fans have their work cut out for them. The math whizzes at Spin broke out the abacus and determined that the rapper would have to rack up nearly 300 million Spotify streams to erase his IRS debt — and that’s assuming he’s at the higher end of the spectrum for Spotify payouts.

So it’s probably best to stop time wasting and start streaming already.