Netflix Kids Show Satirizes Donald Trump With Wall-Building Lemur King (Video)

New episodes of “All Hail King Julien” feature storyline about desire to keep invaders out of lemur land

all hail king julien donald trump

Donald Trump is set to get the royal treatment on the Netflix children’s show “All Hail King Julien.”

An episode in the show’s just-released third season features a storyline in which the lemur ruler King Julien decides to build a wall to keep foreign animals out.

“DreamWorks and Netflix have been very supportive about the kind of stories we wanted to tell on the show,” showrunner Mitch Watson told The Huffington Post. “We specifically wanted stories that had some kind of social satire.”

The show, based on the Dreamworks movie “Madagascar,” also features a song as the lemurs go about building the  wall called “Don’t Touch Our Stuff,” which you can watch below.

“The song ‘Don’t Touch Our Stuff’ is essentially about building a wall to keep other animals away because Julien and the lemurs feel they are taking away their jobs even though the lemurs don’t work, and taking their housing even through there are plenty of trees, and eating their food even though there is more than enough for everyone,” Watson told HuffPo.

While the idea of a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States is not a new one, Trump has made it a central part of his campaign for the U.S. presidency.