Netflix Drops First Post-Kevin Spacey ‘House of Cards’ Trailer During the Oscars (Video)

Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood is in the Oval Office and declares, “We’re just getting started”

Kevin Spacey might be off the show, but that doesn’t mean Netflix’s “House of Cards” is collapsing.

During the Oscars Sunday night the streaming service released the first teaser trailer for the sixth and final season of its popular show, in which Robin Wright — who has played scheming First Lady Claire Underwood through the last five seasons — takes over as its lead.

The quick teaser shows the White House buzzing, drifting past a presidential portrait of Frank Underwood, Spacey’s character, as it catches up with Claire in the Oval Office. “We’re just getting started,” she says, standing in a pose reminiscent of a Donald Trump presidential photo. The trailer ends with the tagline for its the sixth season: “Hail to the Chief.”

You can watch the teaser in the video above.

Spacey and Wright have led the show as the power-hungry power couple throughout the show’s five seasons. Season 5 of “House of Cards” ended with Frank Underwood resigning as U.S. President and being replaced by Claire, who manipulates Frank to take control of the White House and denies him his hopes for a presidential pardon for his many misdeeds.

Between seasons, Spacey was accused of sexual misconduct by 15 different men, including actor Anthony Rapp, who said Spacey sexually harassed him when he was 14.

In response to the accusations, Spacey was fired from “House of Cards” and production was suspended. Showrunners Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese reworked the series’ final season as well, removing Frank Underwood from the story and shifting the focus fully to Claire.

“House of Cards” isn’t the only project Spacey was removed from following the allegations against him. He was also fired from the Ridley Scott-directed “All the Money in the World,” in which he played Jean Paul Getty.

Christopher Plummer was cast to replace Spacey in the movie, and shot all of his scenes in the film in just nine days. He won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work on the movie.