Netflix Has Doubled Number of Black Staffers Since 2017, Admits Need for More Latinx Recruitment

Streamer says 46.4% of its U.S. workforce comes from underrepresented groups as well as 42% at the leadership level

Netflix Inclusion Report

Netflix doubled the number of Black employees at all levels of its company since 2017, but says there is more work to be done with underrepresented groups, particularly with those in the Latinx community. The findings were part of the streamer’s inclusion report, released Wednesday.

The report shows that nearly half of Netflix’s workforce (47.1%), including at the streamer’s leadership level, are women. And just shy of half of its U.S. workforce (46.4%) and leadership team (42% director level and above) are people made up of one more underrepresented racial or ethnic backgrounds.

Specifically for Black employees in the U.S., Netflix has seen its workforce double in the last three years to 8% of the workforce and 9% of the leadership team. For Latinx individuals however, the overall Latinx workforce has grown from 6% to 8.1% in the last three years, but has remained stagnant at the leadership levels.

It’s worth noting too that Netflix has grown enormously since 2017, up from 3,300 full-time streaming Netflix employees in 2017 to 8,000 full-time staffers last year.

This report does not outline details about the diversity or representation in its content.

Netflix additionally outlines its employee resource groups, or ERGs, that are communities of employees with shared experiences, as well as workshops that raise consciousness of topics like privilege, bias, intersectionality and allyship.

The streamer also says it is working on increasing recruiting within its inclusion teams and is working to improve practices around company pay and benefits to ensure these are similarly equitable.

Moving forward, Netflix wants to prioritize Hispanic and Latinx recruitment, expanding inclusion efforts for teams outside the U.S. and building inclusion measurement tools that charts not just hiring but also retention, promotion, tenure and compensation within the company.

A full list of figures from the report, as well as a short film outlining Netflix’s diversity efforts, can be found here.


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