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Netflix Nabs SXSW Award-Winning Documentary ‘Print the Legend’

Special Jury Recognition Award winner will premiere exclusively on the streaming video service

Netflix has acquired the rights to South by the Southwest award-winning feature documentary, “Print the Legend.”

The recipient of the Special Jury Recognition Award for Editing and Storytelling, “Print the Legend” will premiere exclusively on Netflix later this year.

Directed, shot, and edited by Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel (“Make Believe,” “The King of Kong”) and produced by Steven Klein (“Make Believe”), “Print the Legend” goes behind-the-scenes of the top American 3D printing brands as they fight for dominance in the rapidly developing, groundbreaking field of 3D printing.

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“It’s so rare for a film to capture history in the making, and Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel have done just that in their skillful presentation of the elation and betrayals experienced by young entrepreneurs detailing the groundbreaking technology of 3D printing,” said Netflix’s original documentary and comedy vice president Lisa Nishimura in a statement.

She continued, “This is a compelling glimpse into a game changing technology as it nears an inflection point going from the fantasy world of a few obsessed visionaries to a must-have technology that may enter every home.”

WME Global’s Liesl Copland and the legal team at Cowan, Debaets, Abrahams & Sheppard, led by Sue Bodine, negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

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The project was developed, produced, and financed by Chad Troutwine (“Freakonomics”) and Audax Films, led by Co-Producer Andrew Kortschak (“Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia”) and Executive Producer Walter Kortschak.

It was also produced by Dan O’Meara (“By The People: The Election of Barack Obama”). Exhibit A Films, including producer Seth Gordon (“Mitt”) and Executive Producer Mary Rohlich (“Make Believe”), led the filmmaking team throughout and brought on longtime collaborators Clay, Luis, and Steven.