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‘Have You Seen Death?’ Netflix’s Suicide-Themed ‘OA’ Ad Freaks People Out

”This is a very triggering thing to tweet to your 2mil+ followers,“ one Twitter user tweeted at the streaming giant

Netflix tried to play it mysterious when the streaming giant teased its new series “The OA,” but gave followers perhaps a bit too much creepiness for a Monday morning.

The streaming giant tweeted out a series of messages like “Have you seen death?” “Have you seen darkness?” and “Have you seen the light?” followed by short videos of a young woman preparing to jump off a bridge.

The tweets led up to the premiere date and trailer reveal for the platform’s new series “The OA,” starring Brit Marling as a young woman who returns after a seven-year disappearance with a seemingly miraculous restoration of her sight.

Some fans were outraged immediately.

“This is a very triggering thing to tweet to your 2mil+ followers,” tweeted one such Twitter follower in response to the teaser videos.

“If this is a promo stunt, it’s bad and you should feel bad. If this is a hacker, thanks for threading your tweets. #cleanliness,” said another.

But others made a joke of the whole thing.

“Is this the trailer for Fuller House Season 2? Taking a dark turn aren’t we?” asked one joker.

Below is a sampling of responses. “The OA” premieres its eight episodes on Friday.