Netflix Replaces ‘Instant Queue’ With ‘My List’

Netflix rebrands self-curation feature with a gallery and predictive algorithm

Netflix streaming subscribers wondering what happened to their "Instant Queue" on Wednesday morning can rest easy — it's not gone, it's just been rebranded and re-engineered as “My List,” which an algorithm will reorder depending on what you're most likely to watch first.

The method to save films and TV shows to watch later is the same, and the list is still accessible across multiple platforms, Netflix said in a how-to video explaining the change Wednesday.

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The most obvious difference is that the list of titles now appears on the homepage in gallery form. Depending on how often you use the list, it will move up and down the homepage. 

And prepare for some "helpful" meddling: Netflix’s recommendation algorithm now organizes titles based on what it thinks users are most likely to watch. But unlike Amazon's "you might also like" feature, it doens't insert anything users didn't choose — and it can be overridden. 

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“My List” rolled out Wednesday, but isn't on all platforms yet; that'll happen over the next two weeks.