Move Over, Mickey: Netflix Hits All-Time Stock High, Is Now Worth (Slightly) More Than Disney

Streaming giant hits $187.26 billion valuation, narrowly edging past Disney

“Quarantine and chill” has paid dividends for Netflix and its shareholders, with the streaming giant’s stock price hitting a new all-time high on Wednesday. At the same time, the streaming giant closed the day worth $187.26 billion, narrowly pushing Netflix past Disney, which is worth $186.63 billion, in terms of valuation.

Netflix’s stock increased about 3.2% to $426..75 per share by the time markets closed on Wednesday,, topping its previous all-time high closing price of nearly $419 per share, set in July 2018. At one point on Wednesday, Netflix traded at nearly $435 per share, easily pushing past the $423.21 per share it traded for at one point in June 2018.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • • @SeanB44