Why We Love That Busy Parents Can Get a Netflix Fix With ‘Super 4’ Series Streaming (Guest Blog)

Playmobil series hits the streaming service in April; feature film expected in 2017

Netflix picks up Playmobil's "Super 4" (pgsentertainment.com)

Netflix is moving into children’s playrooms, strollers and car seats. The streaming service will debut “Super 4,” a new CGI series inspired by respected toymaker Playmobil.

The popular toy line is about to come alive in the United States. “Super 4” was first seen in France in August 2014, and launched soon after that in the U.K., Italy and Latin America.

Method Animation and morgen studios partnered with the international toymaker to create 52 11-minute episodes for children ages 5 to 9, and will begin streaming in April.

The series will follow the fun adventures of Alex the Knight, Ruby the Pirate, Agent Gene and Twinkle the Fairy as they explore distinct island communities, fight evil, and save the planet.

These new characters will also be going the way of their Lego counterparts. Playmobil has confirmed it is currently developing a feature-length film.

To help fans and families understand what to expect from the streaming series and upcoming movie, I asked Sarah Blair-Miller of the Consumer Marketing division at Playmobil USA if she could answer a few questions over e-mail.

Why did Playmobil go with Netflix?
With the expansion of the Playmobil brand into the entertainment realm, Netflix become a natural partner for the kid-centric content. The streaming service has become an increasingly popular platform, as the flexibility of streaming content supports the ever-changing, busy lifestyle of today’s families. Through this partnership, viewers can access “Super 4” episodes and their favorite Playmobil -inspired characters at any time both at home and on the go.

Will all 52 11-minute episodes be available at once?
Each episode will include two of the 11-minute segments which will be broken into 26 two-in-one episodes.

Why should kids watch, and why should parents encourage their kids to watch “Super 4”?
For the same reasons that parents have developed a deep appreciation for Playmobil toys over the past 40 years — the high quality and ability to spark endless creativity amongst children. The show draws inspiration from not just Playmobil figures and themes, but also the imaginative adventures that can be explored through these toys, and the important lessons these adventures demonstrate. Through “Super 4,” families will have the chance to embark on epic missions with the four main heroes as they travel through a variety of worlds to defeat evil and save the day. Throughout these various adventures, fans will watch as characters showcase values such as teamwork, honesty, strength, respect and more, all of which are important ideals for developing minds.

Where will the play sets be available in the USA?
The Playmobil -licensed “Super 4” product will be available nationwide in specialty, mass and online retailers.

Will there be DVDs or a feature film in the future?
We are excited to confirm that there are plans for a Playmobil feature film, expected to be released worldwide in 2017. The content and details of these plans are still under development, but we are looking forward to this added expansion to the Playmobil brand.