Netflix Exec Ted Sarandos Made 19 Percent More in 2017 vs Prior Year

He joins CEO Reed Hastings in streaming service’s north-of-$22-million club

Ted Sarandos Netflix Windows

It’s still (very) good to work at Netflix. Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos hauled in 19 percent more in total compensation last year versus his 2016 take, topping out at $22.4 million.

While he’s catching up to President, Chairman and CEO Reed Hastings, Sarandos is not quite there yet. Sarandos scored a cool $24.4 million last year, according to an SEC filing.

Sarandos’ all-in pay basically breaks down like this:
$1 million in salary
$12.4 million in options awards
$9 million in non-equity incentive plan compensation

Sarandos also received $8,100 under the catch-all heading “All Other Compensation,” but Sarandos can just blow that all on hats.

Ted’s boss Mr. Hastings has a lower salary at $850,000, though a massive amount in the options category: $23.5 million, anybody?

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