Can Netflix’s ‘The Push’ Get You to Commit Murder? Watch First Trailer for Startling Special (Video)

Look out, because “psychological illusionist” Derren Brown seems pretty persuasive

If you thought you were the kind of person who could never take a life, UK “psychological illusionist” Derren Brown is here to make you question that belief with his new Netflix special, “The Push.”

In the first trailer for Brown’s chilling event, we see his attempts to test the limits of “social compliance.” Basically, how far you can make someone bend their own morals when coerced. And in this preview, the guy Brown is trying to screw with doesn’t look so hot. See a scenario has been set up for the totally oblivious man, with a group of actors working toward one goal: “push” him to commit murder.

So does he “win” by deciding not to off another human being? Gee, we hope so. But you’ll have to check out the special later this month to find out.

Watch the trailer above.

‘The Push” drops on Netflix on Feb. 27.