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Netflix’s Marijuana Show ‘Cooking on High’ Draws Jeers: ‘Dumb and Makes No Sense’

The Washington Post dubs it ”the worst food show on Netflix“

Netflix has hit a low note with “Cooking on High.”

The food series, in which competitors cook marijuana-infused dishes for a pair of judges, has been panned by viewers and critics alike.

One Washington Post review slammed ineptitude among the show’s judges, one of whom evaluates a cod cake dish after admitting to have never eaten fish. “‘Cooking on High’ is a poor man’s ‘Chopped,’ with two fewer rounds and chefs,” wrote Sonia Rao.

Eater also wasn’t blown away, describing its target audience as “full-blown potheads, college stoners, and teenagers who are just starting to experiment with marijuana will likely dig the in-your-face smoke jokes and party vibes of Cooking on High. For everyone else, it’s a hard pass.”

Some Twitter users expressed confusion about the show’s premise as well as its underwhelming venue, comparing it to a particular Scandinavian furniture store.

However, others seemed to enjoy its irreverent nature, even inquiring about how to become a judge on the show.