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Channing Tatum Launches Into Terminator Mode in New ’22 Jump Street’ Clip (Video)

”I’m gonna shoot them in the face for that!“

Channing Tatum springs into action while Jonah Hill haplessly follows in this new clip from the upcoming “22 Jump Street,” which debuted Tuesday.

The scene (above) starts with Tatum and Hill in the back of a runaway semi-truck. Tatum’s car gets smashed by the semi, sending the undercover cop into a superhuman tirade. “I’m gonna shoot them in the face for that!” he screams.

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After doing an impressive gymnast lift to the top of the trailer, Tatum runs to the front of the truck and rips off the horn, smashing the truck’s windshield to the absolute horror of the bad guys inside.

“It’s the Terminator!” one of the bad guys exclaims.

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Meanwhile, a terrified Hill struggles with matching the insane acrobatics that Tatum just exhibited and almost falls off the speeding truck in the process.

The Columbia Pictures/MGM Film is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and opens  June 13.

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