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Kellyanne Conway Denies Donald Trump Is Sheltering Russia: ‘Don’t You Say That Again’ (Video)

Trump senior advisor trades war of words on CNN’s ”New Day“ after Chris Cuomo grills her over hacks

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Donald Trump senior advisor Kellyanne Conway got heated during an interview over Russian hacking on “New Day” on Friday morning.

The “New Day” co-host repeatedly asked Conway why the president-elect doesn’t acknowledge that U.S. Intelligence Director James Clapper came out in early October to say that Russia was behind the alleged hacking.

Conway seemed to nitpick the way Cuomo asked the question and repeatedly tried to dodge the it, often referring to Trump’s planned intelligence briefing, which is scheduled for today.

Cuomo eventually asked, “Why can’t you divorce who is responsible for the hacks from the implications on the election?”

Conway fired back, “It’s not being divorced in the media.”

The “New Day” co-host said Conway was “ducking the obvious,” and she responded that he simply wanted to argue. Conway even blamed CNN for tying Hillary Clinton’s loss with the email hacking.

“Why is this so important to you?” Conway asked.

Eventually Cuomo accused Trump of “sheltering Russia” and Conway responded, “Don’t you say that again.”

Check out the video above.