New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie May Veto Snooki Subsidy Tax Credit by End of the Week

Christie isn’t happy his state is giving a tax break to “Jersey Shore”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is poised to tell Snooki, J-Woww, Pauly D and all their "Jersey Shore" cohorts that he's ready to pull the plug on subsidizing their GTL.

In a news conference on Tuesday, Christie said he has until at least the end of the week to veto a $420,000 state tax credit to the most popular show in MTV history.

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"Jersey Shore" has filmed its most infamous seasons in Seaside Heights, N.J. (along with installments that took place in Miami and, currently, Italy), and officials in the town have praised the show for bringing in big business to the area.

But Christie and other "Shore" critics are ticked off that they're helping offset the costs of a show that has further damaged the state's image, undoing the good work done by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and … other proud New Jerseyans.

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The film tax credits, which were submitted and accepted under previous Gov. Jon Corzine's administration, were awarded to 495 Productions, the company led by "Jersey Shore" producer, and former Jersey Shore vacationer, SallyAnn Salsano.